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Our Staff

Synchronization for Better Balance

The firm's associates are known for their experience, accuracy, honesty and consistency (and many for their long tenure.) They all have expertise in specific areas and a willingness to share knowledge to help create a better overall picture of our clients' financial situations. With these combined efforts we can create a better overall financial balance and help our clients grow.

Key associates include:


James DiFrancesco


James has two decades of experience in accounting and finances. He received his BBA, with a double major in accounting and finance, from Texas A&M in 1985, obtained his CPA license in 1992 and established the company in 1994 with an emphasis on a personal, one-on-one approach. James has three daughters adopted from China.

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Debi Thomas

CPA, Tax Manager

Debi has over thirty years of tax experience in public accounting, ranging from national firms to large local firms. She obtained her bachelor's degree from University of Texas at Arlington in 1983 and became certified in 1985. Debi is the doting mother of two dogs and two cats.

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Peter Conlan

CPA, Of Counsel

Peter is a Vietnam Army Veteran that served our country from 1969-1975 and was honorably discharged. After release from active duty, he returned to University of Texas in Austin and received his Bachelors in Accounting in 1974 and his CPA in 1977. He has been practicing as a CPA since 1980 and admitted to practice before The United States Tax Court in 1997. Peter is married with two daughters.

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Steve DesParois

Enrolled Agent

Steve comes to us with six years of experience as a Corporate Controller and twenty three years in the public accounting sector. He received a BSA from the University of Michigan in 1980 with a major in Accounting. Steve joined the firm in 2010 after having been with the firm of TNB Enterprises for twenty three years.

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Yvette McCroskey

Firm Administrator

Yvette joined the firm in January of 2008 to relieve the staff of the administrative portion of the business so that they can focus on our clients' needs. She is a previous business owner with a wealth of management experience. Yvette has two daughters.

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Kara Abbott

Accounting Manager

Kara joined us in 2010 bringing over twenty five years of accounting experience from TNB Enterprises. She is married and has two daughters.

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Louise Huckabay


Louise has over forty-five years of accounting experience in both the industrial and public sectors. She joined the firm in 2001 and has been a mainstay of the tax department ever since. Louise has two daughters, four grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

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Crystal Cortez-Zelaya


Crystal joined the firm in 2002. She mainly does accounting and tax work, but also assists with payroll and administrative projects as necessary. Crystal received her BBA from the University of Houston in 2005 and her MBA from the University of St. Thomas in 2009. She is married and has four sons.

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Joel Galinato


Joel joined the firm in January of 2013. He has a degree in advertising from The University of Texas. He is a candidate to sit for the CPA exam, which he plans to take in the near future.

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George Diaz


George joined the firm in February of 2015. He is currently pursuing a degree in accounting.

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Sherri Rowell


Sherri has a BBA in Industrial Management and worked in the banking industry for 25 years with various operations experience, including payroll reconciliation. After retiring from banking, she joined the firm in 2009 and is our payroll processor. She has three daughters.

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Phan Nguyen

Project Manager

Phan joined us in early 2011 as our administrative assistant and has over 5 years of office administrative skills. She has exceptional customer service skills and plays a key role in our client relations department. Phan graduated high school with honors and is pursuing a degree in Business Administration.

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Diana Kostak


Diana joined us in 2017 and has over 30 years of experince in public accounting. Diana has been married for 26 years. Her and her husband have a home on the coast where they like to spend most of their weekends.

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Ariel Sepiol

Staff Accountant

Ariel graduated from Purdue University in December 2014 with a BA in Accounting and moved to Houston shortly after. She is CPA eligible and plans to sit for the exam in the near future. Ariel recently married her husband in September 2017 and they enjoy sharing their home in Northwest Houston with their Labrador retriever, Nala.

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James Cain

Staff Accountant

James comes to us with the Shebay merger in October 2017.  Originally from Colorado; he received his BA from Oklahoma State University in 2003 and will be CPA Eligible this fall with plans to sit for the CPA thereafter.  James is one of our Quick Books specialists and understands the modules and sub ledgers that make the system work efficiently. In his free time, James enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters and coaching/playing ice hockey.

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Rosana Granados

Admin Assistant

Rosana joined the firm in August of 2017. She has 17 years of exceptional customer service skills with five years in office administration. She is a loving mother of four beautiful children.

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Wayne Porter

Staff Accountant

At the age of ten he began his career in farming by driving a tractor for his father. Over the next eight years he learned about planting and irrigating crops. It was this experience that made him choose another career. After graduating from college with a BBA in accounting, he worked in various accounting fields such as public, municipal, hotel and manufacturing. Wayne has been married for over 50 years and enjoys spending time back in the country on the weekends.

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Juan Olmos

Staff Accountant

Juan joined our firm in late 2019. He earned his BBA, with a double major in accounting and finance, from the University of Houston in December of 2009. He is CPA eligible and plans to sit for the exam in the near future.

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Aleli Mora


Aleli joined our firm in late 2019 with over 5 years of managerial experience. She is a Houston native who recently moved back to the city after receiving her BA from The University of Texas in 2014. During her free time, she likes to go hiking with her husband, their two sons and two dogs.

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Nikky Thomas

Staff Accountant

Nikky joined the firm in June 2020. She has 5 years’ experience in public accounting & 2 years’ experience as Sales tax auditor with the Texas Comptroller. She has lived in many countries. She was born in Dubai & lived there for 20 years. She obtained her Bachelors in Commerce & Masters in Financial Management from India. She moved to Houston in 2011. She is a candidate to sit for the CPA exams and plans to take it in the near future. She loves to travel.

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Kimanh Nguyen


Kimanh has an MBA from Husson University.  In 2010 she opened her own beauty salon in Maine and still manages it while working in Houston.  And she is currently a CPA candidate.  She enjoys time with friends and family and loves to travel.

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Kristina Crider


Kristina is currently working on her BS in Business Administration with a Marketing Certification.  She enjoys being creative and spending time with friends and travelling.  She loves to be outside camping or hiking and spending time on the water.

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