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Green Practices

Since opening our doors some 20 years ago, we have adopted various cutting edge technologies to enhance our services and reduce our carbon and ecological footprints in the world. We also acknowledge that recycling is the second best alternative to not using something in the first place. We recycle three types of products: paper, plastic and metal.


We have migrated away from a traditional paper-based office as much as possible to a “paperless” office and workflow environment. In addition, we use the Internet and email to exchange correspondence with clients and vendors whenever possible. We have a secure online portal for our clients and encourage them to retrieve and submit materials to us electronically in order to conserve paper and reduce greenhouse gasses associated with traditional shipping and mailing methods.

As you might expect in an accounting office, there is plenty of paper. Where the green practices come into play is how we recycle the paper when were finished with it. All sensitive papers (e.g. those with social security numbers, bank account information, etc.) go to a shredding company that shreds and recycles the paper. All non-sensitive paper items (cardboard boxes, junk mail, etc.) get taken to a City of Houston recycling center.


It is very surprising to us to see the amount of plastic received in our office. From plastic wrapped cases of soda to plastic encased office supplies, the volume is staggering. We try to avoid the purchase of items which use plastic in the manufacturing process. For example, we avoid the purchase of plastic water bottles but do supply a water filtration system. Further, once plastic arrives in the office, we attempt to recycle it as much as possible and also take our full plastic recycle containers to a City of Houston recycling center.


The firm supplies Coke products and the like to staff for their use during office hours. That is as long as they crush and recycle the empty aluminum cans! Various other metals from office products are also recycled in our office and taken to the recycling center.

We buy recycled products whenever possible. Examples would be recycled printer cartridges and high percentage, post consumer recycled paper. We recycle or repurpose our office equipment at the end of their useful lives. All of our staff workstations include a recycle container.